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More often than not, financial issues cause problems in a marriage. Likewise, financial issues, including the division of marital assets and debts, typically play a major role in divorce:

  • If I get the kids, how will we live? Where will we live?
  • What happens if I get the house but cannot afford to keep it?
  • If my spouse gets the kids, how will I live? Where will I live?
  • Who determines the division of marital assets?
  • If I suspect my spouse is hiding assets, who can help with tracing those assets?

At the Law Office of Warren G. Sylvester, we are exceptionally skilled in handling the difficult and often highly complex financial matters involved in the dissolution of a marriage. Are you contemplating or facing divorce? Contact our Batavia, Illinois, law firm to learn how we can safeguard your financial interests.

Helping our clients to achieve financial stability after divorce is our primary goal. Making sure fairness prevails during the division of marital assets and debts is fundamental to achieving this goal. But before assets can be divided for a property settlement, the distinction between marital and nonmarital property must first be determined.

What is the difference between marital and nonmarital property?

Marital property is all property earned during a marriage, regardless of who holds the title to it. Nonmarital property is property belonging to either spouse before the marriage or acquired by either spouse as a gift, by inheritance or through the appreciation of nonmarital property.

The courts divide marital assets based on 9 factors, including the contribution of each spouse to the family unit, the duration of the marriage, premarital agreements, custodial provisions for the children, and the age, health and future earning potential of both spouses.

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