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Often, determining child support is fairly straightforward in Illinois. There are minimum statutory guidelines based on the payer’s net income. Child support is considered a legal right belonging to the children. Neither parent can waive that right.

However, adjustments in child support may be made by a judge to accommodate certain circumstances. There are numerous circumstances which can affect how income is determined, and as such how child support is calculated and how much child support is ordered by the Court.

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Child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. The minimum amount is determined by legal guidelines and based on the noncustodial parent’s net income. It ranges from 20 percent for one child to 50 percent for six children. Although this can be modified by the Court.

Determining net income can be difficult, especially when a parent paying child support is suspected of concealing income — for example, by running personal expenses through a sole proprietorship or other business.

Sometimes, deviations in the amount of child support are required to accommodate fluctuations in the children’s needs, such as extraordinary medical expenses. The Court can also make allowances for the children’s health insurance, out of pocket medical expenses, school fees, day care expenses, and extra curricular activities.

A judge may also make adjustments in the amount of child support, upward or downward, depending on the assets of the children, the income and assets of both parents, and whether application of the statutory guidelines would result in a windfall for the custodial parent.

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