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At the Law Office of Warren G. Sylvester, we represent mothers and fathers in all legal matters involving child custody, visitation and parenting time. These issues are often the most difficult to resolve during divorce. Emotions run high and financial worries frequently undercut the discussion.

We encourage our divorce clients who are parents to put their fears and animosities aside and think about the best interests of their children.

Beginning January 1, 2016, the Illinois custody laws were completely re-written. Officially there is no longer either Joint or Sole custody in new divorce cases filed in the State of Illinois. It is extremely important to find an attorney who has studied and understands these new custody laws, and can ensure that the unique allocation of parental responsibilities crafted for your situation provides the best environment for you and your children.

To learn more about how our experienced Illinois child custody lawyer can help you to do this, please contact our law offices in Batavia. We welcome clients from Elgin, Aurora and throughout Kane County, and we offer free, 30-minute initial consultations.

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to seek a fair and amicable child custody agreement through negotiation. It is less costly and time-consuming than fighting for custody in court. Also, there are no guarantees as to the outcome when child custody is left to a judge to decide.

If negotiations reach an impasse, mediation can be a good solution for couples seeking an uncontested divorce. Attorney Sylvester is trained in alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, and offers counsel to clients throughout the mediation process.

When it is impossible to reach an amicable child custody agreement through negotiation or mediation, attorney Warren Sylvester has the know-how needed to fight effectively for our clients in court. He has more than 22 years of experience in devising aggressive litigation strategies aimed at achieving our clients’ ultimate goals.

Parenting Time

The family law courts in Illinois understand how important it is for both parents to have close and caring “parenting time” relationships with their children. In some of today’s families, both parents are equally involved in the day-to-day care of their children. The new law makes it critically important to find an attorney who can craft a Parenting Plan which will protect the close relationship you have developed with your children and will allow that relationship to grow in spite of the dissolution of the marriage.

Although not a determining factor, the time a child spends with each parent can be considered by the Court along with other factors in determining child support.

Do you have questions or concerns about the time you will be allowed to spend with your children, or who will be allowed to make the critical decisions concerning the wellbeing of your children? Talk to a knowledgeable and caring family law attorney. Please contact the Law Office of Warren G. Sylvester in Geneva, Illinois, today.


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We offer free, 30-minute initial consultations and welcome clients from communities throughout Kane and Kendall counties, including Geneva, Elgin, Aurora and St. Charles.

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